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Reasons Why.....

Reasons why you should consider feeding your dog or cat a "premium" brand food.

Firstly the most expensive brand is not necessarily the best brand.
Lets talk about dogs first.....
You need to consider your dogs build, temperament and exercise level and adjust the food accordingly. Does your dog have a bit of dandruff or dry spots on the skin? Does he/she have itchy or hot spots on their body? Do they nibble between their toes? If so, they may well have an allergy and should be fed a hypoallergenic food. Prevention is better than cure.

Protein - The minimum acceptable level of protein in a dogs diet is 18%. Years ago vets thought that a low protein diet would help prevent kidney problem developing in dogs. Research has shown that is not the case. A low protein diet should  be fed to dogs who already have kidney problems and on the advice of your vet, but it will not prevent any problems from developing.
It also depends on the quality and source of the protein. Premium brand foods like Simpsons-Premium, Arden Grange, James Wellbeloved etc use meat and meat meal as their protein source. This will include actual meat from the animal and offal. A non premium branded food will use animal and/or meat derivatives. Derivatives may include the parts of the animal that we as humans would not dream of eating ie Ears, lips, anus, tendons, ground up small bones, feathers, chicken bills and feet etc.

Premium products do not use any "cheap fillers" in ther food. The most extensive cereal used in  non premium dog food is wheat. When did you last see your dog going to a wheat field to eat? Put a bowl of wheat in front of him and he would wonder what you were thinking, however if you were to put a bowl of rice in front of him, he would happily eat it.
Most importantly there are no harmful preservatives or added colours in any Premium brand dog and cat food on this site. Some of the preservatives still used in dog food today have been banned from being used in food for human consumption as they are linked with cancer and tumor growths in someway or another.

If you feed a premium food you will feed a bit less than you would of a non premium product as the quality of the ingredients is better.  In short, you feed slightly less which means your bag of food lasts longer. The quality of the food is better so the dog uses more of it so there is less waste out the back end.

Premium foods are healthy foods and most have the added benefit of being hypoallergenic. No added colours, No unnatural preservatives, no meat derivatives..... Money well spent .!

Lets move on to cats....

Much of the above applies to cats but they are better known for developing urinary tract problems which can be extremely painful for them.

Is your cat is having a difficult time with urinary problems? Does she strain when trying to urinate, miss the tray, or hardly anything comes out when she goes? This could be the start of urinary problems and may possibly be the cat food. Urinary problems can be a result of over processed cat food which does not contain the best nutrients for the immune system to protect itself and will not create a balanced environment in the urinary tract system. If your cat is on a dry only free fed diet there will not be enough moisture for his urinary tract to flush out any bacteria when urinating and maintaining a healthy pH level.

What ever your cat eats determines his health, just like us humans. Cats need a high quality protein as the basis for their diet. If fed a poor quality cat food, symptoms may start to show and urinary problems may appear.

All of the above is my understanding of  the research I have completed and advice I have taken from experts. I am not a nutritionist or a qualified vet but I do care about the health and wellbeing of my own pets and of others. Please do not take the above as gospel. It is my opinion only, please make up your own mind.

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